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Reciclando medidores de glucosa October 25, 2005

Posted by dstop in Medidores, Varia.

Hoy que me contaban que en un reciente fallecimiento de una persona cercana , lo primero que hizo su familia fue tirar a la basura su medidor de glucosa, sin acordarse de que alguien menos afortunado podria necesitarlo, me acorde de este articulo que vi hace unos dias y que me ha encantado por lo que supone de solidaridad con otros enfermos de paises pobres
Recycle blood glucose monitors

Kerri brought up a good question about what to do with the rapidly rising count of meters that we have. I have collected four in the last year, a Freestyle, two freestyle flashes and an Accu-check.
I vaguely remembered that Cindy on the diabetes blog had talked about it a while ago. So I went looking and found something, though it did not make me happy as in the US the meters are mostly given away free to make the money off the test strips. So what do I do with these leftover meters.

Another quick google search brings me to an interesting site for recycling medical instruments and sending them to the developing world. http://www.amsa.org/global/ih/mierp.cfm

Living with Diabetes: Recycle blood glucose monitors:



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