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Pulsera para diabeticos February 4, 2006

Posted by dstop in Varia.

“I want there to be a cure in my lifetime so other kids don’t have to go through what I go through all the time.”

Sydney Davis

“Diabetes Bracelets” Creator

When 12-year-old Sydney Davis returned home from camp last summer, she and her bunkmates were wearing yellow “Livestrong” bracelets they’d gotten as birthday party favors. Although it has become a fashion trend, its purpose is benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation in a mission to help cancer patients through research and education programs.

Sydney thought there should be a similar bracelet for a disease she’d had since kindergarten — type 1 diabetes. Her mom thought it was a great idea, and so they teamed up with another set of parents and their son, Daniel, who like Sydney, had type 1 diabetes. The moms started “Googling” on the computer, looking for bracelet manufacturers. The cheapest price they found was from China — at a cost of $.22 per bracelet — these ones blue. But the minimum order was 10,000 bracelets. They decided to just go with it, figuring the worst-case scenario would be being out a few thousand dollars — something that would stop many parents in their tracks.

Four weeks later, the boxes from China showed up at their door, and Sydney and Daniel set off for school with the boxes in tow. By fourth period, they were sold out of the bracelets they had brought with them. Sydney’s mom says, “I had little kids coming and ringing my doorbells. ‘Do you have the blue bracelets?’”

Sydney went to local stores to sell her bracelets, and her mom contacted people through e-mail. All 10,000 sold and, so far, Sydney has raised $100,000. Every penny has gone toward Diabetes research.

To order the bracelets, you can send an e-mail to Sydney’s mom Leslie, at mdavis713@aol.com or click on the links below. Daniel, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in third grade, offers these words of encouragement for acting on an idea: “One thing that I really did learn is that if you have an idea, even if you think it’s going to turn out to be really small, you should just try to do it because it may turn out to be a big project and might actually just work and turn out to be really good.” Sydney echoes his belief, saying, “If you have a dream or a cause, you should just do it, have a fundraiser or something.”

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